Gunn Jerkens

Videographer on a Gunn Jerkens video shoot.

Business as

They call it the new normal, but we’ve always strived for more. What’s beyond the status quo is what holds our interest. As everything starts to make its comeback—we’ve realized that it’s never been about getting back to what’s typical and what’s everyday. It’s about the fresh ideas we get to bring to life. The face-to-face connections we make. And every new minute we get to innovate together.

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Videographer on a Gunn Jerkens video shoot.

A New Way
to GJ

Teams meetings. Zoom calls. Remote collaboration sessions. We’re business as usual around here. But of course the GJ culture is about sparking creativity and having fun, so we’re finding ways to keep the tradition alive.

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Sommers Bend Virtual Builder Fair - There's so much to share!

A Grand

Introducing one of the most significant new master-planned communities in Temecula required a new way of marketing at the same time.



Time to Get Smart

A campaign that showcased how the target lives and put the master plan attributes in the spotlight, all while reinforcing the big picture: Boulevard is a smart buy in the Bay Area.

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That Measures Up

When our client Landsea Homes asked us to help debut their High Performance Homes program to the world, we were there with eager eyes and a fervor to start—and the wheels, well they quickly began turning.

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It's A New Day!

Homes Worth
a #Hashtag

Infill community, meet big first impression. For these townhomes paired with new retail in Orange County’s quaint Stanton area, it was all about creating buzz, connection and ramping up the excitement.

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It's A New Day!

Telling Stories That Spark the Human Experience

We’re what you call a multidisciplinary company with a full range of departments in house to keep the mission on track and the goals accomplished. You get every team member—strategists, marketers, creatives, interactive developers, copywriters, media masters, reporting geniuses, brand ambassadors and eagle-eye proofreaders—all setting their sights on the shared goal of developing brands and campaigns that inspire real connections with people while paving the way for measurable results.