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From the start we knew words and pictures wouldn’t be enough to launch Landsea Homes’ new High Performance Homes program into the world. When an idea spans the breadth and depth of life as we know it, we need to think bigger, more experiential and more engaging. The clear answer came from behind the lens and to screens everywhere with a clever commercial-quality video series. From casting calls, auditions, interviewing DPs and wrangling actors to extensive script development and storyboarding, the 32-person crew ultimately made the magic happen.

A New Take on Home Tech

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“Hey Siri”

From Apple-powered technology to sustainable building practices and energy efficiency, each video needed to convey a story of home that was more connected, convenient and healthier than ever.

Adding to the mix, the website experience plus digital and experiential marketing all came together to showcase a builder with homes that truly change everything.

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“Today’s homebuyers seek a balanced life through technology, the ability to stay connected and the option to be in control.”

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