Videographer at a Gunn Jerkens video shoot.

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Videographer at a Gunn Jerkens video shoot.

They call it the new normal, but we’ve always strived for more. What’s beyond the status quo is what holds our interest. As everything starts to make its comeback—we’ve realized that it’s never been about getting back to what’s typical and what’s everyday. It’s about the fresh ideas we get to bring to life. The face-to-face connections we make. And every new minute we get to innovate together.

Miralon Book
Dog with sunglasses.

With the return of lifestyle photo and video shoots, we’re taking our creative content game above and beyond.

Woman in modern lounge chair.
Yoga video playing on laptop on table.
Photo shoot in a design center.
Mother and son working on the computer.

Events are back—and better-than-ever is the goal, bringing our brand and customer experience dreams to life with a side of genuine human connection.

Smiling inside picture frames.

GJ on Location:

Miralon, Palm Springs
The Groves, Whittier
Brookfield Design Studio, Costa Mesa
Sommers Bend, Temecula

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