Videographer at a Gunn Jerkens video shoot.

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Videographer at a Gunn Jerkens video shoot.

They call it the new normal, but we’ve always strived for more. What’s beyond the status quo is what holds our interest. As everything starts to make its comeback—we’ve realized that it’s never been about getting back to what’s typical and what’s everyday. It’s about the fresh ideas we get to bring to life. The face-to-face connections we make. And every new minute we get to innovate together.

Miralon Book
Dog with sunglasses.

With the return of lifestyle photo and video shoots, we’re taking our creative content game above and beyond.

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Yoga video playing on laptop on table.
Photo shoot in a design center.
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Events are back—and better-than-ever is the goal, bringing our brand and customer experience dreams to life with a side of genuine human connection.

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GJ on Location:

Miralon, Palm Springs
The Groves, Whittier
Brookfield Design Studio, Costa Mesa
Sommers Bend, Temecula

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It's A New Day! | Lantana @Beach

Homes Worth
a #Hashtag

It's A New Day! | Lantana @Beach

Infill community, meet big first impression. For Brookfield Residential’s townhomes paired with hip retail in Orange County’s quaint Stanton area, it was all about creating buzz, connection and ramping up the excitement. How do we grab attention and compel young professionals and families looking for an attainable option to believe in the new vision? The answer came in the personality—the bigger the better.

We leveraged high-impact graphics and fun, conversational messaging to put this community in the limelight and on the map, well on Beach Boulevard actually. Relatable phrases like “Homes worth a #hashtag” paired with Insta-worthy mural-esque art piqued interest and set the tone. Each touchpoint along the customer journey came together to portray a place that’s friendly, bright and downright magnetic. The result? Almost doubling monthly sales goals during COVID-19, with prices constantly on the rise.

Lantana @Beach
Branded Signage | Lantana @Beach

“The goal was to create a destination—one that ups the excitement, grabs attention and radiates a sense of place.”
— Jennifer Stoddard

Come By and Chill | Lantana @Beach

Performance That Measures Up

From the start we knew words and pictures wouldn’t be enough to launch Landsea Homes’ new High Performance Homes program into the world. When an idea spans the breadth and depth of life as we know it, we need to think bigger, more experiential and more engaging. The clear answer came from behind the lens and to screens everywhere with a clever commercial-quality video series. From casting calls, auditions, interviewing DPs and wrangling actors to extensive script development and storyboarding, the 32-person crew ultimately made the magic happen.

A New Take on Home Tech

interior of landsea HPH

“Hey Siri”

From Apple-powered technology to sustainable building practices and energy efficiency, each video needed to convey a story of home that was more connected, convenient and healthier than ever.

Adding to the mix, the website experience plus digital and experiential marketing all came together to showcase a builder with homes that truly change everything.

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High Performance Homes Page |
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Home Automation | Energy Savings | Sustainability

“Today’s homebuyers seek a balanced life through technology, the ability to stay connected and the option to be in control.”

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Time to Get Smart

It was time to get smart. Taking our cues from the walkable BART station, we added a new segmentation to the marketing mix and lasered in on relatability. It was all about targeting the San Francisco DMA (San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose) looking for more bedrooms, garages, open space and parks at a more affordable price. That meant a campaign that showcased how the target lives and put the master plan attributes in the spotlight, all while reinforcing the big picture: Boulevard is a smart buy in the Bay Area.

Boulevard: Smart Campaign Social Media

Boulevard: Smart Campaign Video Series

bus with an ad for boulevard

Delivering Results

What started as simple homebuyer surveys soon became a full-fledged marketing experience. Qualified data not only provided insight into the lifestyle of residents but also allowed an opportunity to formulate creative and targeting tactics around a look-alike audience. The result? Exactly what we were looking for: increased leads and sales from the San Francisco DMA target market.

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boulevard videos displaying on laptop, tablet and phone