Graphic of a lady sitting at a computer desk with a cat at her feet.

A New Way
to GJ

Graphic of a lady sitting at a computer desk with a cat at her feet.

Teams meetings. Zoom calls. Remote collaboration sessions. We’re business as usual around here. But of course the GJ culture is about sparking creativity and having fun, so we’re finding ways to keep the tradition alive.

Kevin Jerkens holding laptop with team zoom meeting
GJ team halloween party zoom meeting.

With our carpool karaoke outings, summer block party and viral team videos off the table, we put our heads together for ways to keep the culture—and connectivity—going. Daily video stand-ups, weekly bingo (for prizes), a drive-in pop-up retirement party and seriously the most epic virtual Halloween bash you can imagine—we’ve made working from home really work.

A Yahtzee-branded coffee cup with a tabled in the background, showing an ongoing video call.
A computer showing the GJ team playing bingo on a video call. Bingo cards and a bingo dabber in the foreground.

We have our share of “Zoom moments.” We’re talking dogs strutting their stuff. Kids popping in. Leaf blowers, landscapers, helicopters and the random spouse hello. But we’re agile and adaptable. We may be screens away but our passion to connect, collaborate and create lives on.

Cover of Wired Magazine, with an article about working remotely.
A Peloton bike in front of a couch where a small dog is resting.
A desk with a computer next to a door open to a patio. A South Africa poster hangs on the wall.
Selfie of Jen Stoddard in her car, pulled over on the side of the road, with another car in the background.