Sep 27

Bringing a Vision to Reality

It started with a meeting. It turned into a dream. And then we helped make it a reality.

In 2017, the Gunn | Jerkens team had the opportunity to speak with students and staff at the Everest Value School in downtown LA. We shared with them our experiences in marketing, management and business, and in turn we got to learn about the work Everest Value School does as well as what inspires these bright young minds.

Everest Value School at Gunn Jerkens

That first meeting turned into a great relationship, and, in early 2018, we had the additional pleasure of welcoming students, parents and staff from the school to our GJ headquarters. We then learned more about their dreams—not the least of which was finding a new home for their school. It seemed that with a growing student base, Everest Value School’s existing facilities could no longer meet the demand, and these students expressed a profound desire to help fix this. We were impressed with their ambition and enthusiasm, and humbled to note their concern extended far beyond themselves to also include future students who would soon follow in their footsteps.

Everest Value School at Gunn Jerkens

The students and the GJ team then held an amazing collaborative brainstorm session filled with sketching, sharing stories and visualizing goals. Working together we began creating a campaign to raise money for a better learning environment, and we were happy to bring them several steps closer to their goal by shooting video content and creating a website to launch their campaign.

Press play below to see more from their We Climb campaign and hear what they have to say about their “trek up the mountain to raise $4 million for a new campus Everest Value School can call ‘home.’”

GJ is honored to support Value Schools in their new We Climb campaign. We invite you to learn more at

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