Apr 4

Ageless and Disruptive: Taking AQ Out of the Equation

GJ is not about doing what’s typical, and luckily neither is our client Trumark Communities. They came to us to brand TruLiving—to redefine age-qualified communities and flip what people know about 55+ on its head. So we pushed the tried and tired formula aside and took a new approach. And it’s one that speaks to the real people and gives ordinary a run for its money.

TruLiving isn’t just 55+ master-planned communities with pickleball and tennis courts. It’s a new way to live life as you will and live it well. And we wanted to put this innovative new concept front and center, creating a brand that shows it off for what it is: a fresh approach to 55+ that’s healthy, ageless and disruptive. So we rolled out an identity and website that doesn’t reach out to 55+ in that same old fashion. From the creative video to the intriguing graphics and narrative, we captured the essence of TruLiving in non-formulaic style, and it all revolves around the tagline This Side of U.

More than a play on words, This Side of U takes on ageism and the unending shift of the happiness U curve. As we leave childhood and start busy lives, happiness takes a backseat, reaching a low at middle age before embarking on the new side of U. It’s this side where your knowledge, experience and freedom leave you boundless and fearless and you can choose to have less responsibilities and more time for you. And it’s the side of TruLiving that focuses on just that: living.

Those in the age-qualified crowd find themselves on the upswing of happiness, yet most marketing puts them in a box, files them away and dismisses them just as easy. Not this time. We’re disrupting the blueprint because life after 55 can be adventurous, new and exciting—and no one belongs in a box.

Go behind the brand by checking out the press release.

So let’s face the facts and the music. TruLiving is not just communities to house the age-qualified. Rather than telling them how to live or labeling the crowd, it simply engages them, addressing a generation that’s gone unheard like no other developer has done. This is a brand that’s changing all you know about getting older, and we have Trumark Communities to thank for being the first to step forward. The movement is just getting started.

So go ahead and make your way through the site and into TruLiving. Your untypical experience starts here.

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