Dec 4


Reinvent. Create. Thrive.

That was the message of the week at ULI Fall Meeting in Los Angeles, and it’s definitely a sentiment we can get behind. There was plenty of inspiration and practical insights throughout the event, and below are some of the key highlights.


The Office Space Revolution 

It’s been interesting to see the evolution of office spaces over the years – from cramped cubicles to shared workspace. So, what’s next? “It’s no longer just about solving for space,” said Liz Burow of WeWork, who moderated a session titled “What’s Working in the Workplace Revolution?” “It’s about attracting and retaining talent among an increasingly liquid and digital workforce. We want people to make a life, not just a living.”

Innovation in Master-Planned Communities

Because we’re an agency that has helped brand and develop many master-planned communities throughout the years, the panel exploring emerging innovation trends in the industry caught our attention. From virtual reality to reimagined transportation and building communities for renters – master-planned communities are dramatically changing. And we’re taking note.


Future of Ride Sharing and Driverless Cars

What does transportation have to do with the future of real estate and development? Everything. As we learned, the growing movement of ride sharing will reduce parking demand and create parking structures that can be repurposed or converted into useful space.


It’s always great to end with a little magic, and, as a company based in LA, we think there’s no one greater than Magic Johnson. He closed the show by telling us how he has improved to be more than just a basketball legend. He’s an investor (did you know he owns 125 Starbucks stores?) currently focused on infrastructure, and he takes a pretty good selfie, too.

GJ at ULI Magic Johnson

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