Jul 7

Bringing Content to Life with Cinemagraphs

From long form to short form, real-time stories to live videos, it’s no secret that video content has been crowned king when it comes to social media and search platforms.

Here at GJ, we love finding creative ways to bring our clients’ visionary ideas to life through video – and more recently – cinemagraphs.

Cinemagraphs are the perfect blend of a static image and video, seamlessly creating looped content that only emphasizes certain details through a small moving element. This type of content is ideal for Facebook’s feature that autoplays video without sound as well as Instagram’s capability to play videos on a loop. And in these cluttered social environments, consumers stop their scroll when they see a mesmerizing cinemagraph.

To help tell our clients’ stories and drive engagement, we create cinemagraphs in-house that, with a little bit of movement, are able to evoke emotion and draw the viewer in. We recently partnered with Brookfield Residential to create a series of cinemagraphs that highlight the coastal cool vibe of some of their new luxury homes in Playa Vista. A simple moving curtain serves as a visual cue, illustrating the enjoyable proximity to the beach, while a slow swirl of lemonade is a sweet indication of the ease of entertaining in these new homes.

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