Jan 27

Silicon Valley Fresh: Canopy & Shade at Timber

 A fresh brochure for a fresh new community is what we created for Timber in Newark, California – and we’re thrilled to announce that it won a Gold Award at The National Association of Home Builders’ The National Awards 2016! At Gunn|Jerkens, our goal is to capture our client’s vision through gorgeous creative that reflects their overall brand and marketing strategy.

With a target market of young tech-savvy Silicon Valley professionals and families, the mission was to convey a balanced lifestyle in reach of it all in Northern California. Using subtle, yet organic and understated elements, the brochure’s use of natural craft paper echoed the community theme of Timber.

Tactile features were also utilized in the brochure like embossing and debossing of names and graphics and the outer layer was complemented by the use of large rubber bands along the binding, which function as a visual cue that tie into the logo.

Inside of the brochure, inspirational copy graces the pages along with warm imagery, a subtle color palette and open floor plans that invite viewers to explore this new way of life just a short distance from the heart of Silicon Valley.

Congrats to the Trumark Homes team, and be on the lookout for more of our client work!


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