Aug 27

The Dogs of GJ #NationalDogDay

We’re celebrating National Dog Day at the GJ office today! Our pups rock – and we wanted to share their cuteness with you.

Take a look at a few snapshots of our furry friends!

Vanessa’s Gina Bell & Mootch:

Gina Bell and Mootch

Ginny’s Gloria and Jeremy:

Gloria & Jeremy

Elliot’s Josie:



Kevin’s Gypsy and Sydney:

Gypsy and Sydney

Janine’s Harleigh:


Vivian’s Micah and Roxy:

Micah and Roxy

Sue’s Pepper and Stanley:

Pepper and Stanley

Jen’s Snoop Dog:

Snoop Dog

Elizabeth’s Einstein, Sophia and Mojo:

Einstein, Sophia and Mojo

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