Jun 12

Our Time at SMWLA 2015

It was definitely a busy week at Social Media Week LA! The GJ team was on hand to find out what’s hot, trending and up-and-coming in the world of digital and social media.

SMWLA 2015

Here are our key takeaways from the conference:

  • Did you know there’s a company that aggregates YouTube videos for big brands to use in their advertising? That’s right! Jukin Video co-founder Josh Entman explained how his company banks user-generated video so that major companies can utilize it for commercials, promotions and more. Here’s an example of a Subaru ad that uses curated content:

  • Collecting data has never been easier – especially when it comes to giving your social marketing that extra oomph! Juntae Delane, digital marketing blogger and digital brand manager at USC, explains that the school is able to answer current and prospective students’ most dire questions on social media before the questions are even asked. How do they do it? The university uses data from applications, website inquiries and student Facebook groups.
  • This is the next big thing — social is happening offline! That’s where the best and most authentic engagement occurs. You don’t need to force the idea of shares on social media. If done right, people will want to do it on their own.

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