Jan 9

Top Tech Trends for 2015

We’re sure you’ve heard all about the awesome and innovative gadgets and tech trends that made their way to CES in Las Vegas this week.

So, what are some of the product trends that we find most interesting? Take a look!

No need for a chunky CPU for your desktop – just plug The Compute Stick right into your monitor and you’re good to go! This Windows 8.1 stick PC is expected to hit the market with a March 2015 release date.

If you don’t have a laundry room sink in your home, this new washing machine is the way of the future! The Samsung Activewash comes with a built-in basin (with water jet) that’s separate from the actual washer drum – and is perfect for pre-treating clothes or washing sticky detergent off your hands. Plus, water isn’t wasted. What’s used in the sink gets dropped into the washer. How cool is that?

Automakers took charge at this year’s event! Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Hyundai and Audi were among the car companies that presented their concepts of autonomous vehicles and the ultimate in sync technology.

Thank you to Linda Peak from Brookfield SoCal for the fun pics and video from the tradeshow floor. We can’t wait to see what trends appear at CES next year. Until then, we’ll be anxiously awaiting a chance to buy some of the cool gadgets that were spotlighted this year.

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