Dec 5

We Love Color!

Drumroll, please! The Pantone® 2015 Color of the Year is…Marsala! The top color of the new year is a big influence in product development, design and purchasing across a wide array of industries, including graphic design, interior design and fashion.

Pantone describes Marsala as “Eye-catching, but not overwhelming or bright, consumers are immediately drawn to the hue, making it an alluring shade at point-of-purchase.”

Here at GJ, we use an abundance of color in our creative design to enhance our client’s brand and to bring out that pop of personality they want to convey to consumers.

So, what does our team have to say about color? Take a peek into the creative minds of Team GJ as they delve into the world of the color.


“I like that the color red is the most attractive color to the human eye because it’s the first color we see in the color spectrum. Most fast food restaurants use the combination of red, white and yellow in their logos. The mixtures of these colors are subconsciously associated with hunger.”


“I love the warmth of Marsala. It’s cool that colors do a lot to inspire or shape opinions. It can lift moods and communicate thoughts in a way that words can’t.”


“My favorite thing about color is its inherent quality of defining and transforming the mood/atmosphere of objects, places and surroundings. I like Marsala because it’s subtle, rich and elegant. Unlike a normal red, it has notes of blue/purple, which I think make it more complex and so much prettier!”

Jen H.:

“The Marsala Pantone® color as a color by itself is a bit bland and boring. In practice, though, it can be a nice, rich hue. For example, I can see the idea of the color being used for make-up, interior design and in fashion.”


“I love the colorization movement of old black and white photos and how it expresses the idea that color imparts a different feeling than monochromatic images. Here are a few of my favorite colorized photographs.”

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