Aug 15

Responsive Websites and the Marketing World

Have you noticed how websites are starting to look very different when viewed from your desktop to mobile device? The layout may even change when rotating your device. That’s where responsive web design comes into play. Fully responsive web design allows a site to fit the screen of a device simply by detecting the screen resolution and adjusting to its dimensions. Brands are utilizing it to make sure consumers can quickly get to what they’re looking for regardless of screen size.

The G|J interactive team is using responsive web design to ensure that our clients and their customers are also getting what they want.  Quick, easy access to information and positive brand experiences from desktop to mobile. This seamlessly blends with what we’re seeing in the world of social, where mobile and app usage continues to trend upward.  We’re implementing design that’s based on specific user behavior and seeing results in time spent on site, user engagement and lead generation.

Your target markets have evolved. So why shouldn’t your digital brand evolve too?

Check out a few of our newest websites that take responsive web to a whole new level. Brought to you by G|J Interactive.

The sleek and cool SL70 website design:

The new Gunn | Jerkens responsive site layout:

Check out the Brookfield SoCal responsive website design on desktop, smartphone and tablet.

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