May 30

The Creative Genius In Us All

Here at Gunn|Jerkens we love to honor the creative geniuses who have graced history with their art and innovations.

Check out some of our favorite innovators:

  • Steve Jobs, inventor and co-founder of Apple, Inc.
  • Salvador Dali, artist
  • Stanley Kubrick, film director
  • Nikola Tesla, inventor and futurist
  • Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets
  • Maya Angelou, poet, author

And, we are inspired every day by the work hanging in our office by artist David Lovejoy.

On Some Planets Carl Yastrzemski Is A God by David Lovejoy

This list made us wonder, how is this creativity sparked? Here are some ways to get your inventive mojo in full effect.

Rise and shine! Being a morning person can really help guide your creativity.

Get out and about. Take plenty of long walks to help your ideas and concepts flow into fruition. Music composer Tchaikovsky took a two-hour walk each day to get his creative juices going.

Schedule it. Contrary to popular belief, designing a rigorous schedule can actually assist in developing your craft.

Working Anywhere. Learn to cultivate your techniques – anywhere! If you’re inspired, know that it isn’t necessary to have a specific workplace set-up to construct your art.

And when it comes to working anywhere, brands are definitely looking into when, where and how creativity is harnessed. Companies are implementing ways to isolate the “aha” moments that randomly occur to the workplace to drive more quantifiable ROI. It’s becoming increasingly fundamental for a company’s success to be driven by employee curiosity, collaboration with others and ultimately, a positive attitude.

It’s definitely all about passion and drive, and when you find it, there’s no stopping the infinite possibilities. This week, we encourage you to remind yourself to never stop imagining and to embrace your inner creative genius.

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