May 16

Global Connectivity: Social Media and the World

Typically our social spaces are confined to our present geographic location. But how often do we reach out beyond that point?

Access to global connectivity helps us learn about the issues that affect the world around us. Through social outlets like Facebook and Twitter, we are able to connect and share crucial information with like-minded businesses, organizations and people across the globe.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a vision of connecting the world through the Internet and social media. The founder of the social giant believes basic Internet services should be available to everyone and has joined forces with (a project that aims to get billions of people online worldwide) to supply the World Wide Web to global emerging markets.

As of today, approximately two billion people out of our global population of seven billion are online. Facebook, along with Ericsson (an partner), will open the Innovation Lab to replicate the local mobile networks of worldwide locations and manipulate the environment of developing nations. This innovative project also allows app developers to assess their apps before they are rolled out internationally.

Here are two examples of how Facebook is getting involved in the initiative to bring Internet access to the world.

SocialEDU – The Rwanda App: Many companies, including Facebook, Airtel and Nokia, have joined forces with the government of Rwanda to help launch SocialEDU. This app aims to bring free, collaborative online education to students in the African nation.

The pilot initiative will address barriers to connecting the world to the Internet – such as affordable smartphones, free data and a government that supports innovation.  The app will be integrated with Facebook to provide a complete social educational experience for students in Rwanda.

Facebook and Unilever: The companies are partnering to research causes and solutions to the lack of Internet accessibility in India. Only approximately 13 percent of the developing nation currently has access to the Internet.

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