May 2

Digital Video: The Post-Television Era

A new era of technology is dawning and digital media is at the forefront.

As marketers, we have to remember that digital video isn’t competing against the classic medium, television, but actually the next step in its evolution. Digital video continues to bring consistent advertising to consumers and delivers a broadened market to marketers. It’s crucial that marketers recognize that television and digital video complement each other – with advertisers liking the extensive reach of TV ads and its digital counterpart’s ability to target specific groups and measure the outcomes.

Think about the introduction of cable television, which gave advertisers more ground to cover and new opportunities to connect with their target audience. Digital video may be in its infancy – but has certainly proved that it can provide the engaging, relevant content that television has for decades. But there’s one difference, digital video can be viewed on a global scale, bringing more than just branded advertising to niche audiences.

Here’s the breakdown of what digital video is bringing to the advertising and marketing world.

  • Two-thirds of advertisers in the United States are expected to shift funds from their television marketing budgets to digital video advertising and increase their spending on the new medium within the next year.
  • Ads that are creative and cross platforms are fundamental in this new age in marketing. However, many advertisers have yet to adapt to the digital creative formats needed to fit different devices like tablets and smartphones.

Will digital media become the dominant form of video consumption in the near future? We’ll have to wait and see.

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